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invantivequery tool

Free real-time Business Intelligence for Visma using the Invantive Query Tool

Invantive's free SQL Query Tool for ERP, Yuki, NMBRS, eAccounting, Severa Project Management and AccountView provides you with real-time Business Intelligence across your entire business. It provides access to your crucial company information stored in the Visma software. No programming, no coding, no Excel downloads; just use the SQL knowledge you already have. This enables you to organize your business data fast for correct decision making. You are be able to extract, analyze and to a certain extent report business data such as sales, prospects, tickets and customer data.

The Invantive Query Tool provides all the functionalities needed to make the right business decisions based upon your business data in the Visma cloud.

Data is retrieved across all companies available in the accounting and payrolling software. Data from multiple companies is merged to one consolidated list, easing cross-company reporting. Such consolidation is even possible across Visma products.

To log on use the credentials for Financials. For Yuki, eAccounting, Severa and NMBRS you will need the so-called API token available through the user interface. On AccountView there are no credentials needed.

More than 70 data other platforms and applications are available for use with Invantive Query Tool, such as Chargebee, Teamleader, Exact Online, AFAS Online, Salesforce and many more.

"The Terms of Service" are displayed on first use for acceptance.

The Invantive SQL drivers for Open Data platforms and on-premise databases have no restrictions. The drivers for other platforms, including Visma ERP software, are restricted to retrieve at most 100.000 rows per query with free products. The full drivers are available on subscription-based products.

SQL Query of business data in Visma

The All Cloud Edition of Invantive Query Tool provides you with benefits such as:

  • Flexibility of SQL paired with the data provided by Visma.
  • Download facts into SQL query tool such as tickets from Visma using queries.
  • Real-time customer relations management and business intelligence.
  • Re-use existing SQL knowledge without learning API protocols and/or coding.
  • Develop and run SQL statements.