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invantive compositionVisma Word add-in

Create documents with data from Visma in Microsoft Word

Manually collecting data from Visma ERP software and making tables in Word usually takes a very long time. Mainly in the case of regularly needed documents, this can be a very time consuming task. Invantive Composition offers a great solution to this problem. Invantive Composition helps you to select and retrieve data and tables from the database of Financials, Yuki, Severa, eAccounting, NMBRS and AccountView.

Of course you can acces customer address information. But you can specify also which data you are interested in from a very extensive list of tables containing data such as articles, project, hours and invoices. Invantive Composition for Word will fill your previously created Word templates with data coming real-time from, Yuki, Severa, eAccounting, NMBRS and/or AccountView. Creating complex and correct Word documents containing all the specific information from Visma software is now just a matter of a few minutes and has never been easier.

Data is retrieved across all companies available in the accounting and payrolling software. Data from multiple companies is merged to one consolidated list, easing cross-company reporting. Such consolidation is even possible across Visma products.

Invantive Composition for Word does not require a programmer. With Invantive Composition it is simple to fill out a Word template with Visma data. The resulting filled-out Word documents can be used without Invantive Composition.

To log on use the credentials for Financials. For Yuki, Severa, eAccounting and NMBRS you will need the so-called API token available through the user interface. On AccountView there are no credentials needed.

Invantive Composition for Word supports more than 70 other data platforms and applications, such as ActiveCampaign, Teamleader, Exact Online, Chargebee, Microsoft ODBC and many more.

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